Dear Fellow Bethel Acres residents, 


At the next town meeting, there will be a discussion on the 5-acre minimum lot size ordinance in order to clarify and define what is meant by the real estate term “more or less (MOL).”   

Knowing that the heartfelt desire of the residents of Bethel Acres is to maintain the minimum allowable lot size as 5 acres, your Town Council seeks your input and comments at the next town meeting. 

December 7, 2020!

Here is the background:  Due to errors in some older surveys, some properties that have been recently sold as being 5 acres have turned out to be either slightly more or less than that.   

When your Town Council researched this issue, we learned that there is no legal definition as to what constitutes MOL.  And we found that real estate agents in some other communities have arbitrarily defined MOL as much as half an acre smaller.  Common sense says that this is far too much.   

 “More” isn’t a problem.  “Less” can be a problem

What is being considered:  Your Town Council is considering defining MOL in the town’s ordinances.   

“Less” shall mean an amount of property that is no more than .05 acres less than the stated number of acres. 

This will be fair to our fellow residents who, in good faith, purchased a lot that was advertised to be 5-acres MOL. This will also guard against lots of say 4.5 acres in size being misrepresented as “5 acres MOL.”  

Important:  Your Town Council is not inclined to allow variances to the minimum 5-acre rule, nor does your Town Council intend to reduce the minimum lot size from 5 acres!   


We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next town meeting. 


Your Bethel Acres Town Council 

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