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About our town!

Located in north Pottawatomie county, Bethel Acres is a small community of approximately 3000 people located on approximately 29 square miles of land. 

The area comprising the present town of Bethel Acres was opened to non-Indian settlement September 22, 1891. The people who settled here established the Bethel school district. Bethel Acres was not incorporated into a township until April 24, 1962, when the residents feared annexation by Shawnee, Tecumseh, or Oklahoma City. They wanted to protect their rural lifestyle, especially to be free to keep livestock on their property. The creation of the township ensured that annexation would not be a possibility and the town created a law requiring all properties to have a minimum of 5 acres of land in order to contain a home. This law ensures the town remains small and doesn’t allow for large neighborhood building projects. Over 97 percent of the employed residents of Bethel Acres commute to work in Oklahoma City, Shawnee and other surrounding areas. 

Town Ordinances
Stack of Envelopes

Click the image to download a copy of the town bylaws and ordinances. *Coming Soon*

Fire and Emergency Management

Click the image to learn more about the Bethel volunteer fire department, and emergency management. 

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