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  • Maeghan Hadley

Message from OG&E Re: Ice Storm Recovery

Please see the following message recieved from OG&E this morning concerning the ongoing ice storm recovery!

“Our repair crews often need to access to customer’s back yards in order to accomplish the necessary repair work – specifically in those areas where there is significant tree damage, debris and downed lines. To help expedite these efforts, and for the safety of our restoration workers, we are asking our customers to ensure their yards are clear of any pets (even friendly ones).

In addition, our crews often need to access locations with locked gates, including large fields with cattle guards, etc. In order to help expedite the restoration process, please ensure all gates and cattle guards are unlocked so our crews can easily access the property and continue moving the restoration process forward. Thank you for your assistance as we work to restore your power as quickly and as safely as possible.”

Kimberlee Adams

Community Affairs Manager

321 N Harvey Ave M/C 1200

Oklahoma City, OK  73101-0321

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